VOIP Calls

Efficient and reliable connectivity internally and externally.

Clear and affordable connection in your home

Residential VOIP calls

Significantly reduce your monthly phone bill with high-quality calls from your home.

Savings on telephone bills

Save money with lower rates compared to traditional systems.

Easy installation

Connect your phone through your existing internet network for convenient access.

Free Additional Features

Enjoy features like caller ID, conferencing, and more at no additional cost.

Efficient communication for your business

Commercial VOIP calls

Implement advanced IP voice systems to improve the efficiency and connectivity of your business.


Set your own working hours and receive calls anywhere in the world.

Advanced messaging features

Enjoy voicemail transcription, business SMS and much more.

Call recording

Hold conferences and record calls for easy tracking and organization.

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At Saltex Group, we stand out for our extensive experience of more than 30 years in the security industry. We offer comprehensive and personalized solutions adapted to the specific needs of each client. Our commitment to excellence and innovation allows us to provide cutting-edge technology and exceptional customer service to ensure the protection of what you value most.

As an integrator of security services, at Saltex Group we offer design, installation, configuration and support of electronic security systems. We work with access control solutions, CCTV systems, fire control and burglar alarms. On the other hand, we also have systems for building automation and radars.


With over 30 years in the business, we have worked with organizations in many different industries. We work for governmental, business, hospital, airport, and port institutions.However, at Saltex Group we are always open to collaborating with any entity that requires our expertise, ensuring tailored solutions to meet diverse security needs.

At Saltex Group, we offer training so that our clients can efficiently manage the solutions we implement. On the other hand, we also coordinate training offered by our suppliers to understand in depth how the products we install work.

Our implementation process is divided into stages: First, we receive the details of the project and put together an initial proposal for our client. Once the proposal is accepted, we send technicians to the site to detail the necessary solution. Third, we implement the solution with certified and experienced technicians. Once the implementation is finished, we carry out the necessary maintenance, depending on the needs of each project.

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